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Make Sure Your Power Stays On

Get a reliable portable generator in Houston, TX

Losing power can be a frustrating - and even scary - experience. Without power, your HVAC system shuts off, your fridge stops working and all the lights go out. The team at Right Pro Electrical Services in Houston, TX doesn't want any of our customers to have to deal with that. That's why we offer hassle-free generator installation services for portable and stationary generators.

When completing stationary or portable generator installations, we ensure safety by installing an interlock kit, which prevents power from feeding back into the power grid. We'll also provide you with instructions on how to make the connections.

Schedule an installation today to make sure you never lose power.

Prepare for hurricane season

Having a stationary or portable generator installed is one good way to prepare for hurricane season. Our technicians can install two different types of generators:

  • 30-amp generators - These generators can power a few small appliances, lights and outlets.
  • 50-amp generators - This amount of power will keep your HVAC on and will allow you to use lights, appliances and outlets.

Whichever on you choose, we'll provide you with top-quality generator installation services. Call today to schedule an appointment.