electrical panel upgrade houston tx

Make Sure Your Panel Can Handle the Load

You may need an electrical panel upgrade for your Houston, TX home

Your home's electrical panel is the central point where electricity enters and is then distributed as needed. If you find yourself regularly resetting your panel, it may be time for an electrical panel upgrade. Right Pro Electrical Services can handle it. We provide electrical panel repair and replacement services for clients with old or overtasked panels. We know the signs of a failing system and can equip your home with the panel that best meets your needs. Two major types of fire hazardous breaker panels that should be replaced are Federal Pacific Circuit Breaker Panels and Zinsco Panels.

For electrical panel repair or replacement in the Houston, TX area, you can depend on Right Pro Electrical Services. Email us today to discuss your situation.

3 reasons to install a new electrical panel

Your home relies heavily on a fully-operational electrical panel. An electrical panel upgrade may be necessary if:

Your panel trips often, knocking out power in certain rooms
Your panel is warm or emits a burning smell
Your panel is more than 20 years old

With the proper electrical panel repair or replacement, you'll be able to operate all your electrical devices safely without tripping a circuit.

Hire Right Pro Electrical Services to equip your Houston, TX house with the power you need.